5 bad habits that are destroying your skin

When it comes to having and maintaining great looking skin, there are 5 top mistakes that people make every day without realizing that they are compromising how healthy their skin looks. 1 – Alcohol One of the worst things to age your skin is alcohol. I can hear you all screaming in protest at those…

10 Tips to attract retail skincare buyers

During all of the presentations received by the big department stores every single day, I thought it may be a nice idea to list the top 10 ways how to attract retail beauty buyers to your skincare range. These top tips came across strongly from all three of the largest retail chains in the UK. Buyers…

The truth about skincare ingredients – (Silicon oils)

Understanding the ingredients listed on the backs of skincare labels is becoming something than many consumers are starting to get involved with, but still for many shoppers out their there simply isn’t enough hours in the day to google everything listed on your moisturiser and cleanser.  For this reason, we are showcasing a monthly skincare…

Top 5 foods that will give you younger looking skin

We all want young skin, no matter how old we get.  The beauty industry is evidence of this, being now worth well over £338 billion per year.   Cosmetic procedures alone are raking in a staggering £6 billion each year worldwide with no signs of slowing down.  With all the hype and sheer choice of…

Sun Kiss your skin with healthy food

If you want your skin to glow and look healthy, with a natural golden colour that lasts all year round, there is a very amazing and simple solution that doesn’t involve spending money on fake tans, sunbeds or lying in the actual sun for hours on end until you burn.

What is your FACE telling you?

If I was to tell you that you can see any health issues you may have (even those issues you didn’t even know you had) ust by carefully mapping the skin on your face, would you believe me? Probably not.

Inflammation. The REAL ageing enemy.

If I was to tell you that the reason we age isn’t due to good old fashioned ‘old age’ but actually something that we have full control over you would probably think me mad. But, recent studies have uncovered that in actual fact, the truth behind the reason humans age …

5 ways to accept yourself just as you are

We all look in the mirror and see things that we wish we could change don’t we. Those little imperfect areas of our bodies that niggle us to the point of being ridiculous. Is this a fair way to live your life?

8 Beauty Secrets to live by

Our skin is the largest organ in the body. Average adults have around 2 square meters (20 square feet) of skin, weighing 4.5kg (10lb). With all that to contend with, making the most of this essential and vital part of our bodies is more important than we realise.

Why the beauty industry will lie to you

Skincare products. They have been in our lives for what now feels like forever. They have become just as important as the food we put in our mouths so why then, have the skincare industry been lying to us for so very long?

Beautiful Food, Beautiful You

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to age really really well? Their skin glows with a soft, dewy health and their eyes sparkle and wrinkles seem to elude. How annoying are they?