Summers over, Autumns here. 5 quick skin repair and prepare tips for the changing seasons.

When the Summer months turn into the onset of Autumn, skin can begin to feel tight, irritated and often sore. Wind, cooler air and central heating all affect the way our skin looks and feels. To get the most from the onset of Autumn and retain your healthy glow, follow our 5 skin tips to healthy Autumn skin.

1 – Exfoliate

When the weather turns cooler and your central heating gets turned on, skin can feel dry and sensitive, especially when you are in and out of the cold into warm rooms. Once a week use a gentle exfoliation product to gently sloth away dead skin cells, revealing a brighter, healthier complexion. Look for products containing natural fruit extracts and acids to brighten the complexion and bamboo extract as it is gentler on the skin and won’t tear into your already sensitive skin.

TRY – Enzymatic MicroDerma Skin Peel Range – Skin Secrets Organic

2 – Moisturise

Skin is drier in cooler months, so keeping it moisturized from tip to toe is vital. Apply a good quality butter cream to hands, feet and elbows and include a gentle facial serum in with your daily skincare routine to nourish your face. Cheeks and noses are especially vulnerable during cooler months and rosacea flare ups are common. Keep in a good quality lip balm and don’t skimp on your moisturizer. Just ensure it is natural, using organic ingredients and avoiding chemicals. Chemical based skincare will actually cause your skin to become even more susceptible to the cold air, leaving it red, itchy and often sore.

TRY – Mani-Ped for hands and Feet – Skin Secrets Organic

3 – Protect

Moisturising your skin is vital, but for extra protection use a good quality facial mask every week. This will draw out oils and impurities from your skin without drying it out, so you end up with a healthy complexion that all of your work colleagues will envy. Try a mineral mud based version for oily skin types or a rich cream for drier skin.

TRY – Skinfusions Beauty Berry Scrub and Mask – Skin Secrets Organic

4 – Eat your veg

To protect your skin from the inside when the cooler weather arrives, ramp up your fruit and vegetable intake.  Hot veggies stews and winter soups are a great way to keep warm whilst giving your skin an Autumn boost. Choose bright coloured veg and fruit like oranges, carrots, berries and dark green leafy veg. It will boost your vitamin C levels which as well as having the added bonus of fighting off colds and flu, your skin will glow, gain an even complexion and feel super soft in the process. To eliminate dry skin days, eat your veg.

5 – Drink plenty of water

In the Autumn and Winter our bodies are working twice as hard to keep our organs and internal systems working properly. Keeping your fluids up during the cooler months will really benefit the health of your skin. Fluids do not include alcohol so I am sorry to disappoint you their. Alcohol will have the opposite effect, drying out your skin and leaving you exposed to skin flare ups. The last thing you need with the pending Christmas Party looming in the not so far off distance.

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