Our BIGGEST diet Mistake

I haven’t been inspired to blog recently.  My nutritional journey feeling a little flat and overloaded with way too much information going on out there all relating to pretty much the same things over and over.  Until I read something recently that totally shocked me.

In pursuit for health and to find my best self, I read a lot of scientific studies.  I don’t mean published articles or other peoples blogs (although I do that too).  I am referring to proper science.  The stuff that really matters at a cellular level.

After embarking on a new read by an actual scientist (not just someone who likes to think they know about nutrition), a book by Dr. Cate Shanahan called Deep Nutrition, totally changed what I had previously thought about healthy eating, the body and how we can truly have a long life and good health.

I already knew that SUGAR is a silent killer and Dr. Shanahan devotes an entire chapter explaining the science behind why sugar really is a terrible ingredient.  I have blogged about sugar many times and removed the white stuff from my diet a couple of years ago.

However, there appears to be an even bigger problem with our western diets that as a healthy eating campaigner I knew NOTHING about – and that comes in the form of VEGETABLE OIL.

Yes, I know what you are now thinking.  Vegetable oil???? VEGETABLES!!!!!  Those green things that we are all told to eat plenty of, every day???  How can veggie oil possibly be a problem?

Our Vegetable Disaster

The 1940’s raised a need to store fats for a long period of time for soldiers on the front line and the government was given a task to create an oil that lasted for several months. The first margarine developed was a grey, bland mixture that looked and tasted more like plastic, but seemed to do the trick.

During the 1970’s, further research was done into healthy hearts and our relationship to fats in the diet.  Margarine’s first appearance had proven semi-successful, so manufactures began adding ingredients to the original formulation in order to sell this amazing new product as a healthy alternative to Butter, lard and animal fats that people had eaten for hundreds of years.

It became a mission for food manufactures to publicise their new invention and overnight trans fat vegetable oil based margarine’s and cooking oils started popping up across the western world.

Since that time, heart disease, alzheimer’s, diabetes, autism, obesity, childhood attention problems and cancer rates have sky rocketed, leaving a big question.  If the invention of vegetable oils (sunflower, rapeseed, canola) and margarine which contain these oils was such a health improvement, what on earth is going on with the current health of the nation?

Just about EVERY product sitting on the shelves of our supermarkets are packed with trans fat vegetable oils.  All baked goods, All processed foods, All cakes, biscuits and sauces have one thing in common – vegetable oil.  Even healthy eating options such as low fat sauces, wraps and salads are cooked in (or use) veggie oil.  Take away restaurants cook in vegetable oil – pizza, burger joints, chinese, indian, kebab houses, posh restaurants – all use vegetable oil.  In fact, a take out hamburger includes – vegetable oil in the bun, the burger will have been cooked in vegetable oil, the sauce will have been made with veggie oil.  And if you add onions to the mix, more veggie oil.  It is a veggie health disaster.

But Why is vegetable oil so bad?

Several scientific studies have been done on vegetable oils over the last 5 years which have not been published to the public for the basic reason that the food industry would literally fly into a panic overnight.  Not many processed food companies would use anything other than veggie oils because they are cheap to produce.

Vegetable oils are unstable.  They can’t take heat very well so their molecules break apart and act almost like zombies inside the body, leaching onto every cell in your body causing mutations and panic within the digestive system.  A mutated cell is a CANCER cell when all’s said and done.  If a zombie molecule makes it to the brain, fatty deposits are formed as these unstable molecules attach themselves to brain cells, forming early alzheimer’s and tumours.    Even a tiny amount of vegetable oil can begin a zombie attack, creating more zombie molecules in the body as the unstable vegetable fats are dispersed into the system.

GPs and medical doctors are not yet even aware of this truth beyond the basic fact that bad fats are bad for us.

Dr. Cate Shanahan expresses her concerns regarding trans fat vegetable oils by talking through the factual science behind vegetable oils in great detail.  In fact, half the book talks about vegetable oil danger.

If we want to find our true health, lose weight and rid our bodies of pain and disease, vegetable oils and all vegetable oil based products should be thrown out of your life today.

Avoid the following –

  • Sunflower Oil
  • Rapeseed Oil
  • Canola Oil
  • Margarine – even those labeled healthy
  • Soya based products (turn into unstable trans fats in the body)
  • Check the labels on EVERY processed, baked, bottled or packaged product on the market.

Eat the following – (below all have a high smoke point and are absorbed into the body better)

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil and Coconut Butter
  • Peanut Oil
  • Real Butter
  • Real Animal Fats (vegetarians and vegans look away now) from meat and diary


FACT – We should not be eating vegetable oils.  At all.  End of story.  For the full picture, read Dr. Cate Shanahan Deep Nutrition.




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