How to tap into your work/life passion

The Working week.  We all have one (if we are lucky), be it in some form or another, part time, full time or no time left in the day at all.  We work for the larger part, for one single reason.  To earn money.  With the exception of some amazing volunteers around the world giving up their own time to work for free of course, the rest of the working population slog away, week in, week out for the soul purpose of that all important wage packet.

We need money to survive.  Of course we do.  It is a fact of life unless you are one of those rare people who turn away from society to live off grid, away from fellow humans, technology, the fast pace of life, shampoo and basic home comforts.  For ‘normal’ people (excuse me for saying that) our worlds revolve around that illusive, often hard to keep hold of, pieces of paper and coinage (apart from myself – contact-less is my best friend these days).  We crave money more than any other form of material available and the more we have, the more we seem to ‘need’.

The problem isn’t with money per-se, but with our often unhealthy obsession with it.

More and more people are choosing to start their own businesses these days and with 80 new companies being formed per ‘hour’ in 2016 alone (read more here) it is no surprise that we are becoming extremely entrepreneurial.  Does this mean then that many people are tapping into their inner passions to create products and services that earn them lots of money?  Sadly no.  The equal truth is that 90% of new startup companies fail within the first 3 years.

There are a few key reasons that this happens and, if you take notice, can transform your own working life for the better.

How to create your happy ‘work’ balance place

  1. This is going to sound very hard to take, but listen carefully.  Stop, and I mean ‘STOP’ chasing money.  One of the biggest reasons that people start their own businesses is to get rich.  They want to get rich so much and they want to get rich NOW.  They dream up every single scenario in which they are living the high life.  Big houses, fast cars, private schools for the kids they plan to have, flashy holidays, the list goes on.  They believe that the answers to all of their money problems is to launch a business.  Any business, it doesn’t really matter.  As long as they become rich this time next year Rodney.  Slow down tiger.  Starting a business is a long, very slow and often painful business (excuse the pun).  You need to put in more time and effort in the early days than you ever did working for Joe Blogs down the street.  The difference between having a successful, healthy business with an equally healthy bank balance or going out of business within the first year is largely down to your dedication, passion and drive.  You should LOVE what you do.  You should have launched your business purely because you felt so strongly about a new service or product that you created that you just HAD to share it with the world.  I genuinely can tell you now from experience that if you start a business from your heart and soul, the money will flow into your life.  It is purely a matter of the law of attraction.  Your clients and customers will be so impressed by YOU and your passion, they will jump on board and pay you for your services, allowing your business to grow and even more money to come to you.
  2. Learn to switch off.  Starting and running a business is hard and it can be extremely stressful with demands on your time and mindset.  If you start a business with the idea that you can just delegate jobs to other people, you may as well give up now because as I mentioned in point 1, YOU are your business backbone and you alone are responsible for creating a passionate entity.  You can sit back in your big office and yell out the orders once your business is established and you have a good team in place.  However, taking on so much responsibility can be detrimental for your health and mind.  Learning to set working hours is vital for a successful and profitable business because unless you are able to keep on top of your game, you will be too burned out to actually run your company.  Set times for the office, and then have a life.  Go home.  Enjoy your children and your family.  Whatever is on your desk will certainly still be there tomorrow.  I can guarantee you that no-one (even the most successful entrepreneur) ever finished all of the work that was needed to be done by the end of each day.  You will always have things to do tomorrow. This is the measure of a healthy business after all, to be busy.
  3. Keep learning.  Never think that once you have created your business you should sit back and act smug.  The world is moving forward all the time so don’t forget to keep up with changing trends and learning through further educating yourself on your business services and products.  How will you be able to create new and exciting things in your business if you don’t keep up with the world?
  4. And finally – please don’t let the daily pressures of your business stress you out.  The fact that you are actually out in the world of the small business should be something to give yourself a huge pat on the back for.  You will be able to look back in years to come and say you did it.  No matter how big or small your company was.   Enjoy the journey.  It is the journey that matters in the end, doesn’t it?

Earning an income from having your own business is a wonderful way to express your dreams, your passions and a perfect opportunity to show the world who you truly are.  But don’t get bogged down with how much profit you should be making, creating lists and business forecasts for where you see the business in a year, 2 years time etc.  (Think dragons den).  Yes of course have targets and set yourself goals, but keep your thinking open to opportunity and the money will flow into your life. I promise.  And the process of making money will feel amazing and far less stressful than if you go into owning your own business purely with profits in mind.  You won’t have the passion and you won’t feel a drive to create wonderful things because money will always stand in your way.

And why are you still reading this??  Go out, get some air and have fun with your loved ones.

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      Thank you Michael. Hope it helps

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