Quick Guide to ‘Vitamin Health’

Vitamin Supplements.  We all know the benefits right?  They can help boost your immune system, balance your hormones and give you that all important health kick.

However, did you know that unless you maintain a healthy diet, no vitamin or diet supplement will actually do a thing for you other than to give you very expensive urine?

It’s true.  In order for vitamin supplements to work properly, the body must be able correctly absorb the nutrients from a good diet, in order for supplements to …. well …. supplement what is processed.

To put it simply, if you eat junk food (chips, pizza, burgers, cake etc) your body is not able to take in the required proteins from this type of food and so your amazing vitamin supplements will become bound in fat molecules (which are too large to be properly absorbed by the digestive system).

“The result – expensive wee.”

A good vitamin health supplement is designed to work alongside the bodies natural functions, in order to help it be all it can be. whether you are a teenager looking to help with hormone changes, an elderly person wanting more flexibility and less joint pain, are pregnant, sporty or have allergies that you would like help with, vitamins can certainly help.  Just remember that old fashioned notion – you are indeed very much what you eat.

Vitamins work WITH the body, but it can’t replace what you are not actually eating.

The Natural Wellbeing Company will soon be launching Monthly Supplement Boxes for all kinds of health requirements.  Never again run out of your vitamin D or B12 vitamins.  Delivered straight to your door.  Every month.  (See thenaturalwellbeingcompany for detials)

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  1. jane clarke says:

    Wow. What brill information Nicky. Had no idea how supplements worked. It’s like you have to think in reverse of what we have all been told. Most people take them because they don’t eat properly. What a waste of money straight down the pan. Will remember that now. ?Xxx

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    1. the natural wellbeing company says:

      Thank you Jane. Yes exactly right. Most people assume that Vitamins are purely to help with having a bad diet. Change your diet first, use vitamins, have great health x


  2. Jenny says:

    That’s brilliant info Nicky…never knew that!


    1. the natural wellbeing company says:

      Thank you Jenny, yes most people assume that vitamins are designed to put into your body what you don’t get from your diet. Vitamins are actually designed to work WITH a good diet to make the body healthier. x


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