The Junk Trunk Diet – Your 10 Week Diet programme BOOK

If you have been trying to figure out how to lose weight without feeling constantly hungry, how to understand more about the food you eat, what is good for you and what isn’t, and pretty much everything that goes with a good, healthy lifestyle, then I am thrilled to announce that my very first nutritional 10 week diet programme hard back book is hot off the press and ready for sale right now.

As a passionate Nutritional Therapist, I want to give my clients something that they can refer to again and again, without forgetting the important stuff and without feeling cheated out on eating the food they enjoy.



The Junk Trunk Diet is a 170 page hard back ’10 week diet programme book’ that you work through at your own pace, for 10 weeks and which will show you everything you need to transition your health, body and soul into something amazing.  The idea is that you swap your ‘junk’ for better, healthy alternatives so that you won’t even miss the junk you used to eat.  Each week, you work through one food group at a time so that by week 10, you emerge as an amazingly, slim and healthy you new, with glowing skin and great energy.

The book includes the following –

Learn to no longer worry about counting calories when it comes to weight loss

Learn how to ‘face map’ your own skin in order to uncover hidden, unhealthy problems lurking in your body

Find out why Diets really don’t work

Give yourself your own nutrition consultation

Keep a food diary for week 1 and uncover your REAL eating habits

See how the FOOD TABLE has changed for the better

Each week includes a full shopping list of goodies so you always know exactly where you are

Week 2 lists a full range of healthy fruit and vegetables and includes a table showing their benefits, vitamin content and health problems NOT eating them can create

Work through 10 weeks swapping bad food for good.  Each week includes its own food group, so no sudden ‘all or nothing’ mind shifts to create havoc in your body.

  1. Week 1 asks that you keep a food diary and talks about why healthy eating is so important for the body.
  2. Week 2 shows you how to eat an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  3. Week 3 shows you why sugar is bad and teaches you how to swap to healthy sugars that work WITH your body, instead of creating illness in it.
  4. Week 4 helps you to swap bad snacking habits for good ones.
  5. Week 5 shows you why eating dairy will never give you the glowing healthy skin you dream of and gives plenty of alternatives to cheese on toast.
  6. Week 6 shows the damage that eating red meat life long does to the body and how to cut down without missing out.
  7. Week 7 teaches the difference between bad and good fats, and how to include fats in your diet for healthier long term health.
  8. Week 8 showcases the problems with alcohol on the system, including its links to cancer and helps to show you how to drink less but still enjoy a tipple.
  9. Week 9 shows how to balance your gut.  Inflammation in the gut is the key reason for many health problems, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
  10. Week 10 allows you to put all the weeks together so you can move forward with confidence in your new eating habits.

The Junk Trunk Diet includes recipes for each week that take next to no time at all to prepare and taste incredible.  I believe that healthy should be fun and easier to do than sticking a ready meal into a microwave.

I am so excited that my book is available now for anyone seriously looking to change their diet for longterm weight balance, health and glowing skin.

Just £24.99 + (£4.99 P+P) (hardback) UK next day delivery

Buy Now Button

(For overseas buyers please contact me directly at – for correct shipping amount and delivery times)
The Junk Trunk is also available as a full 10 week coaching programme with access to daily contact and support from myself.  See for full details and testimonials of happy clients.


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