Why we should slow down. Vital tips for a healthier life.

I am sitting here writing this blog post having just returned from the most incredible weekend away at a remote lake in the Cotswolds with my husband for our 20th Wedding anniversary.

It was everything a ‘perfect’ weekend should be.  A stunning location with a view that has been imprinted into my memory forever.  A hot tub, overlooking the lake which was warmed only by the natural heat of the lake itself and in which we found ourselves whiling away most of the day.  A log cabin that would not have looked out of place in the middle of the wilderness; its own log burning fire creating a romantic atmosphere to die for. Wild birds and animals the only reminder that we were not alone.  Total peace, tranquility and time to think.

No emails pinging every few moments; no mobiles ringing and no technology at all to distract us from the process of simply being in the moment.

It was being there this weekend that made me begin to question the lives that society seems hell bent on living and upon driving home this morning through hordes of traffic, noisy engines and angry motorists, it dawned on me that no-one of us really ‘live’ at all any more.


We live in such a beautiful world, but how many times do any of us really ‘stop’ to notice what is around us?

Our lives have become entwined in the ‘stuff’ we must get done every day.  Stress is our ‘normal’ and ‘angry ‘seems to be our standard emotion.  The people around us are not immune from our stress levels either.  Our kids, our family and our partners all suffer from ‘modern life syndrome’ and no one seems to be able to get off the rollercoaster.

The next time you are out and about, look out for what is happening to the people around you.

  • Have you ever driven passed a motorist who was actually happy to be there?
  • Have you ever noticed someone ‘smiling’ and wondered what was wrong with them?
  • Have you ever walked down the street without almost bumping into someone using their mobile phone? (have you bumped into someone using your mobile phone?)
  • How many couples do you come across who obviously can’t stand to be around each other? (sitting opposite each other in restaurants in silence)
  • How fast does everyone seem to walk these days?  How fast do they drive?

It’s crazy but totally true when you start to slow down and look around you at the speed in which we all seem to live our lives.  I am guilty myself.

This weekend has made me want to sell up and move to a wooded area, living off grid with chickens and a veggie plot in a tent.  I won’t do that of course.  I like my home comforts too much.  But it did make me think seriously about my own life and just how ‘present’ my husband and are with each other normally.

1 – Slow down.  Just a little bit.  And lower your tolerance to stress.  Stress is a killer and will end relationships, jobs and your life if you allow it.  The world goes along at its own pace.  It is hard work trying to keep up so why are we all so hell bent on running for the proverbial bus?

2 – Take time to breathe.  Remember who you are and how important it is in life to fully absorb yourself into simply being alive.  It often seems only when faced with illness and disease do we stop to notice the important things in life.  Give a loved one a hug purely because you care and stop feeling that nothing you ever do is good enough.  It is.

3 – Take time to create.  Creativity isn’t something that artistic people have built in them.  We can all create beautiful things in our lives if we truly want to.  Create a space in your home that you love to be and enjoy the moment.  Create time for your loved ones because tomorrow they may be gone.  Create a reason to smile. You are beautiful when you smile.

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  1. Nicely written, yes to slow down may also mean perseverance n allowing things to settle down….

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