4 weight loss mistakes you probably make

You want to lose weight.  You have tried just about every diet known to man.  Yet somehow the weight keeps piling on.

These 4 dieting mistakes will have you back on track in no time if you learn to adjust to a healthier way of thinking.

1 – You skip breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet you feel that if you skip breakfast, you will be able to lose weight faster.  However, skipping breakfast often means that by lunchtime you are starving and you eat more food than you normally would.  Skipping breakfast also slows your metabolism so that your body holds onto ‘fat’.  Eat a healthy breakfast every day and enjoy that first morning meal.  Even if you only opt for a fruit smoothie or yoghurt, this helps kick start your digestion after a long nights sleep.

2 – Exercise seems hard work

You know you need to exercise but the idea of squeezing into skintight lycra sounds like hell. Your gym membership mocks you from across the room making you feel worse about yourself than you really should.  Exercising alone won’t help you lose weight, but getting your body moving is vital if you want to be healthy.

If vigorous exercise fills you with dread, opt for a steady daily jog or walk.  Swimming gets your joints moving without adding pressure.  Perfect if you are carrying around a little extra weight.  Or try yoga.  There are some amazing benefits of yoga these days that focus around being still (forget those weird looking poses).  Get your body moving and enjoy being active.

3 – You don’t understand healthy eating

The idea of healthy eating sounds as if you have signed up to ‘rabbit camp’.  You are certain that you are going to be permanently hungry so you try to ‘cut’ calories by eating less food altogether, only to eat the wrong foods entirely.  Diet foods become your new best friend but this type of eating only leaves you feeling as if you are missing out.

A good diet means that you eat the types of food that nourishes your body from the inside out.  Weight balance is also a key factor in healthy organs, skin and brain.

  • Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds and healthy fats such as avocados and coconut.
  • Cut out sugar, dairy and red meat, instead opting for natural fruits, honey, goats produce and oily fish.

4 – You over fill your plate

You have an issue with portion control.  You have no ‘off’ switch.  This often leads you to overeat, normally the wrong foods, at the wrong possible time of the day.  Overeating isn’t something we do because we love to stuff our faces until we pop.  The truth behind eating until you feel sick is more due to how your brain and gut interact with each other.

Your brain sends messages to your gut and vice versa, with detailed instructions about what is being eaten so that vital minerals, proteins and nutrients can be extracted in order for the body to function properly.  It is a very complex process.  Because we need every type of nutrient possible from the food we eat for our bodies to be healthy, eating the wrong type of foods can accidentally force our body to crave more nutrient depleted foods.

For instance, you start off eating a piece of chocolate with the intention that you will only have a square or two.  Before you know it you have eaten the entire bar.  This is because commercial chocolate is packed with fats and sugars that have very little nutritional value.  The gut desperately tries to extract what it can from each piece eaten but the brain is constantly being told that this isn’t enough.  The brain then tells ‘You’ to keep eating more in order to send more nutrients.

The same is true for fast foods – pizza, chips, red meat and anything with gravy on it.  You will rarely over eat salad.


If you want to glow, be healthy and look fantastic in your skinny jeans, remember these 4 main weight loss mistakes and stay focused.  You are totally worth it.



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