Why are we so ANGRY? 3 Tips to calm the beast.

How many times in a day do you find yourself getting angry or wound up about the simplest things?  How many times does someone or something annoy you for no real reason?

We are, it seems, turning into a very angry culture.  Everywhere you go, someone has an angry face.  One person is blasting on their car horns and another is having an argument into their mobile phone.

With everything that goes on in our day, its a wonder we haven’t all gone completely mad.

So why are we all so angry?

Today’s modern society has created a ‘rush’ mentality.  We have all been programmed with the requirement of getting somewhere, and getting there fast.  Be it at work or in our leisure pursuits we have been conditioned to be better, bigger and faster than all the rest.  We race from meeting to meeting, overtake Mr Slow on the road, rush from A to B because if we don’t, we fail to meet modern requirements for ‘getting things done’, which in turn leads us to feel that we are anything less than PERFECT.

Think about it for a moment.  When you find yourself getting annoyed or angry, it is normally with a situation that you cannot control.  We have been brainwashed by modern society to always appear ‘brilliant’, so when we find ourselves faced with anything that upsets that viewpoint, we lash out, taking the cat with us as we go.

Social media shows us that everyone else has an amazing life that we need to be a part of.  Post after post of happy faces, angelic babies, cute pets, envious holiday destinations and healthy dinners.  Everyone else seems to have it all totally under control.  How can we possibly compete?

With everyone set in this state of mind, it is no wonder we are getting out of control on the angry stakes.  WE want to be the perfect ones.  WE want the happy face posts and wash board toned bodies.  It’s NOT FAIR!!!!

Can you see how easy it is to get so angry?


It is vital to realise that YOU are amazing and totally unique.  There is no other person like you alive on this planet and even if you have a twin, they are not you.  Only you are you. You do not have to compete with the world in order to feel amazing.  There is no-one else inside your mind but you and no-one can ever take that away from you.

This thought alone should be enough to put a great big calm smile on your face don’t you think?


You cannot control others, or external situations, but you CAN control your own thinking.  You create your reality by the thoughts you have, so start to notice when you are having negative thoughts.  By noticing negative thinking, you have the power inside your own mind to stay calm and think of something good that makes you happy.  Allow the boy racer to go and have his accident somewhere else.  Allow Mr Slow in front of you to take his time (it makes him happy).  Happy thinking goes hand in hand with happy feelings.  It is impossible to be angry when you are having happy thoughts.


Slow down.  Being in a race all day long is only going to give you heart problems, high blood pressure and gout, among other health conditions that you really don’t want.  You will skip meals, forget to have a drink and before long you have snapped at your loved ones and thrown the hamster across the room (please don’t actually do this).

If your day is crammed with t0-do items, take a fresh look at your schedule and see if you can reduce your work load.  Your health and state of mind depends on it.

Get smiling people!  In 100 years, who will remember anyway?

Have you had an angry day today?  share your thoughts and comments with us below. Thank you

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  1. Oh I agree, I need to slow down. I’m often stressy when I get in from work. Thinking about taking 5-10min once I’m in the house to just sit and calm and breathe, rather than start rushing around tidying things up that can just wait!

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    1. thenaturalwellbeingcompany says:

      Thank you for your comment. I agree, we spend so much time trying to get everything done. We think we will be able to relax when we do x,y or z first, but the truth is, something else comes along to annoy us all over again afterwards. I hope giving yourself a 10 minute break after you get in from work will help you ease into a more gentler pace in the evening. Look after yourself. 🙂

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